Monday, October 1, 2012

Post Henna: I'm a "HenJay"!

So it's been 1 day & twist-out since the henna. My hair feels soft, a little heavy, and I can detect bits of color when I catch the light (and the mirror) just right. I've also noticed a slight relax to my curl that is really helping to kick shrinkage's butt (yeah!).
So, what's my issue? The heaviness is affecting my styling habit. I usually use quite a bit of my homemade honey-shea pomade when I twist my hair. It's an all natural/organic product so it doesn't have the holding power of syntheticly made pomades and gels and it smells SUPERCALLAFRAGALISTAEXPIALLADOPOUS! (in other words, I love the smell) So, I've learned that I will have to twist with smaller pieces to really get the fullness and definition I desire and that I'll have to use a little less product. Not huge sacrifices when I think of the benefits henna adds to my crown....I'll eat that.

Oh, what else have I learned you say? That I am a "HenJay"! Don't know what it means....just reference my lingo dictionary. Yeah, I made it up, but someone had to make up all the other terms, too!!

 The curl is there and I have very little frizz.....just no volume due to the weight...

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