Thursday, October 4, 2012

Challenge: Day 1

Okay, so in keeping in line with my own challenge I am trying to cut my, already manipulation low, daily routine to an even lower level of manipulation. So, instead of re-twisting my hair, I decided to "ride out" an old twist out even further. I rolled the front into a poof bang and pinned it in place. The rest of my hair, I simply secured with an out stretched elastic hairband (double banded, of course) and slowly pushed the back up until my puff had achieved the height I desired. I fluffed for flair and I was out the door. It literally took me 3 about a Nappturalista on the go...

So brothers and sisters in "naps", I want to know how your challenge is going. Is it easy, breezy? Or is it a struggle? Let me know! I need to know! Below's a pic of my hair's flair for today....let me know if you're digging it!


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