Monday, October 8, 2012

Hello, Jello!

So, I've been resisting using gel, however, with the acquirement of a new job and the need to have a polished, professional look; I have jumped on the gel bandwagon. I have scoured the internet and interviewed several stylists to find out what would be the best gel - one that 's inexpensive, non-damaging, and feasible to make at home.....Flaxseed gel was my answer.

So, being the DIY Nappturalista that I am, I set about to find out how I could make my own at home. I found that it was easier than I'd thought! All you need is some flaxseed (easily available at your local health food store; I brought mine at Whole Foods for 73 cents. It was $2.23/ lb.), some good ol' water, a heavy sauce pan, a strainer (or old trouser sock, in my case), a container, some EO's; oils; or a butter (cocoa or shea), and something to stir with. It's just that simple. I'm sure you may have almost everything already around the house. The process is even easier and I'll have a YouTube Video up and running by the end of today. Until then, be happy, nappy, and naturally you!


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