Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Natural Community Has Suffered a Great Loss! RIP Domineque Banks (longhairdontcare2011)

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I deliver this news: The lovely Domineque Banks or as we all know her, longhairdontcare2011 from YouTube, is no longer with us. She passed away due to complications from lupus yesterday. She was 27 years young. There is a fund set up to cover the expenses for her final rest and I will supply the link below. I'm asking each and every one of my readers to please give to honor her. She gave us all joy, advice, knowledge, and hair envy via her wonderful YouTube Videos. As she suffered from lupus, I'm sure she gave of herself even when she was not feeling the best. As a natural community, I ask that we band together to support her friends and family in their efforts to pay her this final honor. She will be sorely missed. I, personally, enjoyed her videos.

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