Thursday, October 18, 2012

Henna Day!

So, it's been a while since I last henna'd my hair and I'm due for another round. Since I usually co-wash and clarify once a month, I decided to wait until my "official wash day" to henna my hair. I start by clarifying my hair and scalp with my "mudwash" recipe (see Mix & Match) and allow the hair to air dry while I await dye release. ****I recommend hennaing hair on an off day, as it takes time.**** After allowing the henna to sit for about 10-12 hours, I DC and style.

This henna experience will be a bit different...I neglected to buy orange or lemon juice, so I'm using tea. I'm debating using either green or chamomile tea. I know I definitely don't want to use black tea, as it will make my hair darker. *Great option if you're doing a henna gloss and desire darker hair :)* I'll let you all know how it goes....

In the mean time, what do you use in your henna mix? What's your brew and how does it effect your color result?


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