Wednesday, October 10, 2012

DIY Facial

Greetings, My Nappturalistas!
I know, I know, I know....I've been slacking on my posting. It's my new job....a girl's got to eat! However, I promise to do better - much better. But while I was gone, you all were not far from my psyche and I did manage to discover a new DIY for you all.

So, you know how some ladies visit the spa and shell out $40 bucks for a mud facial?? Yeah, well this girl just can't do it! However, I do love a good facial from time to time. So....I devised my own and you can too!  Here's how:

You'll need :
Cosmetic grade bentonite clay
Herbal Tea or Coconut Milk

Simply combine equal parts and mix into a smooth paste. Apply to your face and allow to sit for 10-20 minutes. Then rinse with warm water. It's just that simple... If you really want to go all out, slice a bit of cucumber, draw a nice soak for your feet, and sit back; relax; and enjoy :)


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