Thursday, September 27, 2012

Some Clairfication

Okay, so I recently posted two different articles about henna and mud washing your hair. These sparked a few questions. So this is just a quick post to clear some things up.

  • Do I DC after a mud wash?
    • If your hair feels dry, DC. If you want to obtain moisturizing properties from the mud wash alone, just add honey and oils into your mud mix.
  • Can I henna and mud wash?
    • Absolutely! The henna will act as both a protein treatment and DC for your hair, while the mud wash will clarify your hair and scalp completely. It will also define your curl and give your hair a soft, springy look and feel.I do recommend mud washing first!
  • I noticed the mud wash ingredients don't include water. How come?
    • Water was not listed as an ingredient because I use water to thin out my mix. Even if you don't thin out your mix, a few drops of water will be required smooth out your mix to a workable texture.
Well, that's it. If you have more questions feel free to drop a comment or e-mail me. Until next time, Nappturalista, be nappily you :)

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